Welcome to our Web Site

We are a small community association, entirely run by volunteers in the North end of Kirkstall in Leeds. We have been around in our current form since 1987, but the estate at the core of our community has been here since 1925 and there has always been some kind of tenant representation.

Hawksworth Wood is more than the council estate of that name. The whole area was once woodland owned and managed by Kirkstall Abbey, alongside other woods like Morris Woods, Ireland Woods and Cragside woods nearby. Since those times some housing was built in the 19th century, rather more early in the 20th Century and then a few more phases in the 1970s and 80s. All are welcome to join HWCA and take part in its activities.

Services and Activities
  • Free Internet

    A popular service is free Internet access. The picture shows our old machines, but hanks to a generous grant from Caird Bardon, we have new laptops and better desks, all linked to a powerful server.

    Serious uses include pension and benefit checks, jobseeking, homework and letter writing in support of asylum and immigraion claims, but games and social networking are popular too.

    It has been good to help people keep in touch with absent family, asylum seekers and refugees with those they had to leave behind as well as mothers and fathers with children who have moved away for work.

  • Projects and Funds

    We work with other local groups. Kirkstall Valley Community Association is a larger body that covers the whole of Kirkstall, the council ward of which we are part. Their Web site gives a wealth of information on the wider district. KVCA can be found at http://new.kirkstall.org.uk.

    KVCA hosts the Community First Fund, a small grant fund for amounts up to £2500 for a wide variety of community purposes. You don't have to be a very formal organisation to apply for support from this fund, but you do have to be prepared to do a lot of the work as a volunteer.

    If you have a business idea that would benefit the community then you can get support from UnLtd. This agency has funds to promote startup schemes and help them to grow. Initial grants of £500 can become £15,000 if the idea works and needs to develop. We are keen to help local people access these funds so if you have an idea, come and talk to us. UnLtd can be found at http://www.unltd.org.uk.

  • A proper Post Office

    We campaign on local issues. Currently, after two years hard effort, we have got our Post Office back. We got great support from our three local councillors, Bernard Atha, John Illingworth and Lucinda Yeadon, together with our MP, Rachel Reeves. Thanks too to the Post Office, who have found a business to run the service alongside their own activities, we look forward to seeing just what that business is.

    The picture shows us celebrating the new Post Office with home made buns. We know how to party!

  • Post Office Opening

    Rachel Reeves MP opening our new Post Office, much to our delight. Now on to our next campaign, greatly heartened by success in this one.

  • Big Local

    The wider Hawksworth Wood area, including the Abbeydales and Vespers, have been awarded £1million over the next ten years to support local needs and ideas. These will not be replacements for existing services nor things that should be met from local or national statutory agencies. Have a look at the Web site for the project http://hwbl.btck.co.uk.  If you are interested in getting involved you can email us, phone or call in at the centre.

    Over the next few months we will be working with everyone who wants to be involved to draw up a community plan of what local people would like to create with these resources. Contact us if you have ideas to put forward or if you would like to help develop the plan.

  • It's Not all Seriousness

    We run holiday outings for members.

  • Younger Members

    Scarborough is massively popular with our families.

  • Our First Centre?

    Okay, maybe not, but we have been around a long while. Hawkesworth Wood was the name given to the whole area under the 1834 enclosure map. This drew on the name given to a large oak wood on the site run by Kirkstall Abbey. A few houses were built on Vesper Road in the 19th century, then an estate for the workers at the Kirkstall Forge in the mid 1920s at the top of the hill. Much later smaller private estates were developed along the border with Abbey Road that took the names Abbeydales and Vesper Gates.

  • Our Chair of Committee

  • Our Vice Chair

  • The Estate Part of Our Area

    The landlord for most of the housing in the estate part of our area is West North West Homes, an arm's length company owned by Leeds City Council. If you are a tenant, or have any other need to contact them, just click on the map and it will take you to their Web site.

Our Centre
This our centre, smaller than most, but busy. We like to think that by having a small centre, we can focus our efforts on services to our community rather than centre upkeep.